A stitch in time…

I have a huge pile of old clothes, material and sewing projects that have been sitting around waiting for me to get time to just sit and sew, this pile keeps growing, especially as all my clothes seem to determined to rip, stain, lose buttons and generally need repairing these days!

I decided to spend my birthday happily working my way through this ever-growing mound and thought I’d share the results.

First up was a gorgeous green top that my Mum bought me recently.

Somehow I’ve managed to lose the top button. As it didn’t come with a spare and I haven’t been able to find the original or anything similar in my button box, I figured I’d make the top fastening into something a bit special. Here are the results:

First I took two metal buttons and stitched them either side of the seam. I then added an old chain bracelet wrapped around the button to create an old-fashioned clasp effect. The little alien head is part of an old earing that had snapped off its stem, sewn onto the chain for decoration.

Here’s me wearing my new creation:

The next item I tackled was my husband’s furry hat. We procured a russian hatpin ages ago and just never got round to putting it on so I simply skewered it into place:

My old purple tye-dye top has attracted a stain from somewhere and no amount of Vanish seems to be getting it out, so I decided to cover it up.


I have a huge stash of patches, so i selected a large purple mushroom, bought a very long time ago at Afflecks Palace, Manchester, and started to sew.

Here it is after patch applied and finished off with two funky buttons:

For the last items of the day I set to work on two pairs of cargo trousers.

For the camo ones, I decided to go patch crazy as there were a few marks that needed concealing. To do this I used some old flower patches taken from an old pair of jeans and scattered them around the legs and pockets. I also used a colourful yin-yang patch on the back pocket.

Finished Trousers:

For the second pair Gaspode decided to try to help:

After untangling the dog, I set to work making a detachable belt. For this I used some leather flowers from an old belt that had fallen apart, some metal coins salvaged after dismantling an old souvenir from china town, some leather cord and a couple of clasps from old key chains.

The finished article looks like this:

All in all a happy & productive birthday, I have a few more projects in mind and will update whenever I get a chance to finish one!


Happy Birthday to Me :)

It’s my Birthday 🙂

This morning I got to unwrap this:

This is the ‘Fairies wear boots’ 1:1 scale resin mini. Bought from www.greymatterfigures.com and sculpted by Kev White of www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk

I have also placed a pre-order on the new Puppet Wars game from Malifaux.

Looking forward to playing it when it arrives 🙂



Thought I’d share my birthday cake:

Guantlet Throw Down

Never issue a challenge to your husband while preoccupied with other tasks.

There I was, elbow deep in soapy water, idly chatting away about miniatures and the like when mid-conversation some stupid part of my hindbrain whirrs up and next thing i know an errant thought, completely unchecked and uncensored for possible ramifications, has leapt up and  shoved itself straight into the conversation.

“I challenge you to paint a guy in a creative and non-green colour scheme”

Oh dear, a challenge had been issued, now if only I could sneak out of the conversation without him realising and a counter-challenge being made…

But No. So now I have to meet his challenge and depart from my comfort zone of nice bright clean colours and enter his world. A world of dark, murky greens and browns, of grit and mud and historically accurate camo schemes.

So over the next week I shall be taking the guardsmen kindly supplied by my Husband and attempting to paint DPM complete with mud, blood, grass stains and bruises!

I shall post the results!

checking the safety catches….

Hello Blogworld,

So, this is me, starting a blog.

Figured I’d better start out with a tester-pot post, check out how it all works and that. So here I am, waving hello.

I’m starting this Blog as a way to document my hobbies and projects. You can expect to see posts about painting miniatures, building scenery, writing poetry and DIY projects. There is a possibility real life might creep in occasionally but I do try not to dwell there to often.