Guantlet Throw Down

Never issue a challenge to your husband while preoccupied with other tasks.

There I was, elbow deep in soapy water, idly chatting away about miniatures and the like when mid-conversation some stupid part of my hindbrain whirrs up and next thing i know an errant thought, completely unchecked and uncensored for possible ramifications, has leapt up and  shoved itself straight into the conversation.

“I challenge you to paint a guy in a creative and non-green colour scheme”

Oh dear, a challenge had been issued, now if only I could sneak out of the conversation without him realising and a counter-challenge being made…

But No. So now I have to meet his challenge and depart from my comfort zone of nice bright clean colours and enter his world. A world of dark, murky greens and browns, of grit and mud and historically accurate camo schemes.

So over the next week I shall be taking the guardsmen kindly supplied by my Husband and attempting to paint DPM complete with mud, blood, grass stains and bruises!

I shall post the results!


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